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Fight Tooth Decay Before it Starts with Dental Sealants!

Fight cavities before they fight you, with dental sealants! Preventative dentistry is the front line in the battle against tooth decay. There are many different preventative measures which can be used to fight tooth decay. But, if you’re looking to stop cavities BEFORE they happen, then consider getting dental sealants at McKinney Dentist. Dental sealants are a cutting edge preventative


Cosmetic Gum Lifts for North Texas Residents

If you are a North Texas resident whose smile shows more gums than teeth, cosmetic gum lifts may be the solution for you. A gum lift procedure is a simple way to rejuvenate your smile and turn it into something you’ll be proud of. If you are tired of your “gummy-smile”, find a cosmetic dentist who is experienced in gum


Adult Braces in North Texas: Utilizing Clear Technology

If you are an adult and if you are uncomfortable with your teeth, don’t settle for metal braces. Metal braces can be uncomfortable, and as an adult you may feel as if you’ve outgrown them.The dental professionals at McKinney Dentist are here to give North Texans other options in cosmetic dentistry, including adult braces. Invisalign, sometimes referred to as clear