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At, we believe in getting you what you need, want and desire in terms of your teeth and beautiful smile. And it all starts with an understanding of what’s possible with modern dentistry. In this section, you’ll find a growing list of articles, videos and helpful resources about your dental health. From the latest in cosmetic dentistry options, through best practices of emergency dentistry, to explanations of how we handle aspects of important dental concerns such as dental implants, we will provide you with the education you need to ensure the best in dental care for your family.

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What is laser dentistry?
Click to understand the advantages of the modern BIOLASE® ezlase™ dental laser at McKinney Dentist for delivering safe and effective solutions for soft tissue treatment and other dental procedures.


When do I need a tooth extraction?

Our doctors will always try to save your natural teeth. In extreme circumstances, tooth extractions may be the best option to save your oral health and prevent both future problems and pain from occurring. Click here to learn more:

Tooth Extractions at McKinney Dentist


<a id="morecosmeticdentistry"></a>More resources and articles on your cosmetic dentistry

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What is a cosmetic gum lift?
Do you have a gummy smile? Enhance your smile with a cosmetic gum lift. If you’d like to replace your gummy smile with a new smile or fix your uneven, unattractive gumline, McKinney Dentist has the perfect solution for you.

Click to learn more about the cosmetic gum lift.

What are my smile makeover options?
Based on your current oral condition, health history, and the results you desire, we will craft your new, extraordinary smile using various treatments. You can even request to view before and after photos of previous patients’ smile makeovers in McKinney, TX! Click here to learn more:

Cosmetic dentistry “Smile Makeover” options at McKinney Dentist


<a id="moredentalimplants"></a>More resources and articles on dental implants

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What is growth factor healing?
Growth Factor Healing provides improved results and natural, biological healing. When grafting and placing dental implants, we often use your own growth factors in order to speed the biological healing process of dental surgeries.

Click to learn more about Growth Factor Healing.

Fixed dental bridge
A fixed bridge is a great alternative for replacing missing teeth on a budget. If you have a gap in your mouth caused by missing teeth, you might be a candidate for our porcelain fixed bridge or a removable bridge. To understand this restorative dentistry service, click here to learn more:

Dental bridge options at McKinney Dentist


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