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Bone Grafts

Bone Grafts

At times, we have patients come to our office needing dental implants, but upon evaluation of their dental condition, we determine that there is an insufficient amount of bone. This is unfortunate because dental implants need a strong bone to attach to.

Well, Dr Lynch can turn this unfortunate circumstance into a positive one by offering the bone graft procedure.

  • This procedure uses growth factors harvested from your own blood so that the bone can be grafted into the areas where the dental implants will be placed.
  • Essentially, the new bone takes the place of the old bone that is missing; thereby, allowing dental implants to be placed with strong support, healthy bone, and in the most ideal position for strength and stability.
  • Often bone grafting is needed, but avoided. This results in an implant being placed in a less than ideal position.
  • However, at, our main goal is to provide the best treatments for a healthy mouth and gums, going to great lengths to exceed your expectations.

McKinney Dentist offers an expansive list of cosmetic and restorative services to meet patient needs. Our experience in bone graft procedures enables our talented dentists to craft and restore teeth and gums to their fullest extent.

Now that you are fairly well-versed about the bone grafting solutions that we offer, we encourage you to schedule an appointment! Our well-experienced and highly qualified dentists will proudly exceed your expectations. Call us today!

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