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It doesn’t matter the condition of your smile, we can come up with a plan to give you a new one. Restoring smiles and lives.

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Are You Looking For A Stunning and Glamorous Smile?


Cosmetic dentistry is an aspect of modern dentistry which allows us to restore your teeth in a conservative way and get them back to their natural strength and beauty. It also allows us to enhance the appearance of your smile by closing gaps, straightening crooked teeth, fixing worn and chipped teeth, and whitening your teeth for a more youthful, clean and healthy looking smile.

It takes years of experience and advanced training to be able to design a natural looking smile. A cosmetic dentist must be able to combine artistry with science to create a smile that looks both beautiful and natural.


Everyone wants to know what their new smile will look like and now they can with cosmetic digital imaging.  Snap Instant Digital Imaging allows us to show you your new smile prior to starting the treatment.  There is no more guessing about the outcome as you will be able to see it first hand.

In our office, we are able to design a smile just for you.  Our team works hard and with delicate care to help craft the smile of your dreams.  Several things are taken into account such as your bone, structure, age and gender.  From this information, we begin to create your new smile and you can see it before we get started.

No More Hiding His Smile

Darrel came to me and simply said, “For my entire life, I cover my teeth when I talk or smile.” He didn’t like the color of his teeth and he still had a baby tooth as one of his front teeth.  Darrel had also ground his teeth over the years creating, what we call in dentistry, “an over-closed bite”
When patients are over closed, this means they have shortened their teeth from when they were younger.  In addition, Darrel’s teeth simply didn’t fit together properly.

For Darrel, we first needed to establish where his lower jaw was most comfortable and what position it functioned in ideally.  We used neuro-muscular techniques of tensing his jaw muscles to get them in a more relaxed state.  Once his muscles were relaxed, we measured the vertical distance from his upper and lower teeth, and we found his dental “sweet-spot”  … what we call ideal vertical. We then made a model of his teeth, mounted them to this new distance and then waxed new teeth to show him how they would look in this new position.  He was absolutely thrilled.  We then fabricated him a temporary dental orthotic (based on that wax-up) that he wore over his existing teeth to determine if his jaw muscles liked this new (more open) position.  After a few months, he explained how much better he felt and how much more relaxed his muscles were.  We then restored all of his teeth in this new position with full upper and lower porcelain restorations.

Needless to say, he was thrilled with the end result and you can see it in his eyes … and his teeth of course.

A Smile She Is Proud Of

Crystal came to me having always wanted a smile she could be proud of.  She had battled severely crowded teeth and told me that she always covered her mouth when she smiled.  In addition her front teeth were angled (canted) to the side and caused her midline to be off center.

We reviewed many options with her, but ultimately decided to provide her with a comprehensive dental makeover. We started with a cosmetic mock-up that gave us a template to make her temporaries.  From that, all of her teeth were restored in optimal position that gave her the smile of her dreams!  With her new smile, she looks and acts like a different person.  This sure makes being a dentist fun.

A Whiter And Brighter Smile

Brad came to me and said, I don’t like the color or the shape of my teeth.  He also said his front lower teeth had been crowded since he was a teenager.  His comment to me was, “I love to laugh but hate to smile … because of my teeth”  I told him that we could definitely help.

We discussed cosmetic options and together decided on upper and lower porcelain veneers.  We started with a cosmetic wax-up and then used that to fabricate some gorgeous temporary veneers.  He fell in love with his temporaries so we used that to finalize his 20 veneers (10 upper and 10 lower).  Now he can laugh and smile!

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Having a straight and beautiful smile is what most people want.  It can give you more self-confidence and improve your overall oral health.  Traditional orthodontics can be unsightly and uncomfortable.  Invisalign is the perfect solution for your orthodontic needs.

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