We believe in first glances that turn into a lifetime.

You deserve a smile you can be proud of!

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Are you ready to improve your smile, your self-image and your life?

At McKinneyDentist.com, we work with you one-on-one to discuss the results you want to achieve and how to start the process. What excites us most is seeing someone like you, often with tears in your eyes, stand in awe of your new smile.

It’s your turn! You can be next! Take a look at how your new smile will change your life.

Our cosmetic dentistry changes lives

You probably  know someone who had a smile makeover, or have seen smile makeover shows on television, and  wondered how they can afford such amazing transformations. Maybe you are curious  if your dentist even offers those smile makeover  treatments and services. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could  recreate your smile using the latest dental technology? Well, you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity when you schedule your smile makeover consultation with McKinney Dentist!

All in all, we want you and your family to keep smiling and showing  your pearly whites on every occasion! Once you schedule your consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, we will listen to your dental needs, analyze your smile, discuss your health history, and design your perfect smile makeover!

Welcome to The Berlin Smile

You want a smile that looks beautiful and completely natural. Patients all over North Texas (and all over the country) choose Dr. Berlin and the team at McKinney Dentist to restore their smiles. They have the best and most current technology with a focus on maximum comfort for each patient. Get ready for a world class experience.

What does it take to create beautiful smiles? It takes someone with the passion and creativity to make it happen. Dr. Marvin Berlin puts all of his effort both in skill and creativity to help you develop an awesome smile. That’s why patients come from all over the United States to get their “Berlin Smile.”

Take a look at these beautiful smiles!

We believe in showing the world who you are through your smile. Check out these amazing transformations and ask yourself — are you ready for your own Berlin Smile makeover? Schedule your Virtual Smile Consultation with Dr. Berlin now.
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