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"I loved getting to work with Chyenne and create her dream smile and it's so fun to see her posting about it! Watch her story and be inspired."

~ Dr. Marvin Berlin

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

The Experience and Care You Deserve

Cosmetic dentistry is the combination of different treatment options with the primary objective of improving your smile and your oral health.  These treatment options include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and porcelain crowns.  A good cosmetic dentist looks at all aspects of your oral health in order to determine the best course of action in helping you get the smile you have always wanted.  Plus, in our current culture a straight, white, beautiful smile is associated with beauty, health, social status, and even intelligence.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you if your teeth are less than perfect.  We can remove stains, cover chips, close gaps and even replace lost teeth.  We can help restore your confidence along with your smile.

Dr. Marvin Berlin, DDS
Dr. Marvin Berlin, DDS
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See How Dr. Berlin and Cosmetic Dentistry Changed These Two Beautiful Ladies Lives

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See What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience In Our Office!

Cathy Tracy - Google Review

I was so impressed with the kindness, cleanliness, and professionalism at McKinney Dentist. I actually came from St. Louis to visit Dr. Berlin to have him look at my teeth for a total smile. He did my sisters and it was so amazing. I could not believe the time he took with me and the care he gave me. He will be doing my new smile. I would recommend him if you want an honest opinion and want someone who cares about you.

Lux Van Alstyne - Google Review

I am thankful Salena, dental professional, insisted I see Dr. Berlin. I broke my front tooth and Delanna was amazing getting me on his schedule.

From the moment I called, I could tell these ladies cared. From the cutie, Veronica, who checked me in to the dental hygienist Christy and Stephanie. Stephanie must have been a school teacher in her prior life. And Christy moves at the warped speed of Wonder Woman.

Explaining everything clearly and concisely. Always making sure I was 100% comfortable, explaining every part of the treatment. They gave me 2 tabs of Halcion and I was snoozing like a baby. Zero pain and he trimmed down 8 teeth for my veneers and crowns. I felt nothing. Nothing I tell you!

Now about Dr. Berlin. This talented cosmetic dentist is da bomb. Compassionate with a great sense of humor. He listens to every concern. Makes sure I am good with all of the information before he proceeds. Stephanie and Dr. Berlin assure me, anything I want to change, will be changed at my next visit.

And as promised, the next day I shared the changes I wanted. He thoroughly assessed it and we agreed together on the changes. My appointment ran longer than expected because I wanted a little more length to my teeth. And what does this dentist do??? He completely and happily accommodated me. He wanted me to be thrilled with the results.

The best thing is….this amazing cosmetic dentist is a freakin’ Michael Angelo! My upper 8 teeth….his canvas. He actually hand sculpted the changes one by one. Checking, evaluating, tweaking, checking, evaluating and tweaking. Until he got the beautiful results he wanted. I was so thrilled I gave him a hug around the neck. I have wanted beautiful teeth forever. He is literally Santa Clause on Christmas Day for me. The best gift ever, a beautiful smile I get to have the rest of my life!

Better yet, I was evesdropping a little (yes…we all do it) and heard him telling his staff to give his other patients, who had to wait, to give them his personal cell number so in case they had any concerns, they could call him directly anytime.

WHAT DOCTOR OR DENTIST DOES THAT???? THIS GUY…THAT’S WHO!!!! After my changes were done, we did photos, and I was taken around the office to show off my million dollar smile to a few of the staff. Everyone was so happy for me. I am the owner of 2 Medical Spas in Van Alstyne and McKinney, Lux Aesthetic Medical Services and Spa. I treat people and reverse aging with injectables, lasers, Chemical Peels and Microneedling. We have over 1,000 clients in the last 4 years.

I am excited to recommend Dr. Berlin to our established clientele with all of the confidence of great care. It is so scary trying to find the right cosmetic dentist and praying you don’t get results you are unhappy with. Just as I strive to be a perfectionist with each of my patients, Dr. Berlin does the same. All of his staff are patient, optimistic and helpful. You know you are in the best hands. I see now why he has awards and plaques all over the walls. He is truly an award winning cosmetic dentist. I hope this honest review is helpful to anyone needing (like me) or wanting to make aesthetic improvements in their smile. You will not be disappointed. And you will have a dentist you will love for the rest of your life!

Before and after - upper and lowers veneers

Case Study #1

After Spending Her Whole Life With Brown Teeth, She Got A New Smile and a New Life

Probably the #1 shade complaint we get, is to eliminate Tetracycline Stained teeth. With this nice patient, she had spent her entire life with brown teeth and she was ready for an upgrade. She told me that, now, she can’t quit going over to the mirror and looking to see if it is really her!

Patient Centered Service

Actual Patient of Dr. Marvin Berlin
Actual Patient of Dr. Marvin Berlin

Smile Makeovers

Custom smile makeovers are the perfect way to transform not only the smile, but overall appearance, as well, for an effective “dental facelift.”

Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown is used to restore function and form to a damaged tooth and with the E4D system, crowns can be designed and installed in 1 visit.

Porcelain Veneers

For patients who are looking to enhance the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, porcelain veneers are a great option to achieve beautiful teeth.

Dental Bonding

With dental bonding, small imperfections of the teeth can be fixed whether it’s chips, cracks, gaps, or lightly stained teeth to rejuvenate the smile.

Each New Smile Is A Changed Life

Case Study #2

From A Missing Tooth To A Beautiful Smile

This sweet patient lost her front tooth in high school three years ago and has been patiently waiting to get her implant and new smile. A big thank you to my partner, Dr. Jeff Lynch for the perfectly placed implant allowing us to replace her tooth in an esthetically pleasing fashion. Three Porcelain Veneers and one Implant-supported Porcelain Crown.

From A Missing Tooth To A Beautiful Smile

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Most procedures that fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry are considered elective. Why would one invest in a treatment that will have no effect on their overall oral health? Because they want to feel good about their smile. Multiple studies have demonstrated the power of an attractive smile, from a stronger professional image to higher social confidence. The more a person likes their smile, they more the express it and, the more a person smiles, the more benefits they gain. Plus, in our current culture a straight, white, beautiful smile is associated with beauty, health, social status, and even intelligence.

Cosmetic dentistry treatment eliminates the need to hide teeth that are less than perfect. By removing stains, covering chips or other damage, closing gaps, and even replacing lost teeth; cosmetic dentistry can help you have complete confidence in your smile.

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