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Cosmetic Gum Lift

Cosmetic Gum Lift: McKinney Dentist Discuss the Procedure


Cosmetic Gum Lift: McKinney Dentist Discuss the Procedure

Do you have a smile that shows substantially more gums than teeth? Instead, do you want a smile that shows your beautifully exposed teeth and less of your gums? Or perhaps you have an uneven gumline that isn’t attractive?

If you’d like to replace your gummy smile with a new smile or fix your uneven, unattractive gumline, McKinney Dentist has the perfect solution for you—a cosmetic gum lift.

The gummy smile occurs because of an over-growth of gum tissue that covers part of the tooth that should be showing when you smile— hence, the “gummy smile” description.

Typically, it takes only one appointment for our trained dentists to perform a cosmetic gum lift. Here at McKinney Dentist, we also like to refer to it as an “aesthetic crown lengthening” solution.

  • The gum lift procedure is fairly simple to understand.
  • After you are comfortably sedated, one of our skilled and qualified cosmetic dentists of McKinney and North Texas will gently raise your gums, or remove part of your gums, for correct positioning and appropriate contouring.
  • This creates an aesthetically-pleasing appearance by exposing more of your teeth.
  • Consequently, your teeth become longer and more proportional to each other.
  • The natural contours of your teeth will be beautifully exposed, resulting in a brilliant smile!

Since the gum tissue is attached to the underlying bone, we sometimes have to alter the bone during the same procedure. To determine if this must be done, we evaluate if the gingival (gum) margins meet the recommended 3-millimeter location from the edge of the bone.

If no changes are made to the bone, the possibility stands for your gums to grow and cover your teeth again; thereby, defeating the purpose of a surgical gum lift!

The gum lift is a simple solution to add the finishing touches to a flawless smile. Just think— if you recently got veneers, but your gumline is uneven (up and down on every tooth, and asymmetric), then it detracts the aesthetic brilliance of veneers. To correct this problem, a cosmetic gum lift is the perfect solution.

  • Our patients rave at the little amount of discomfort they experience, along with the extreme satisfaction of the results.
  • They enjoy showing off their new smile at every opportunity— and we love bringing you those opportunities, as well!
  • Furthermore, the recovery time is quick due to the fast healing time of your gum tissue.

During your appointment, you can even ask us to see before and after photos of our patients who had a gum lift!

If you are interested in our aesthetic crown lengthening procedure, but are unsure if you are a suitable candidate, we urge you to schedule your consultation to discuss your options. You can call us at 972-547-6453 to schedule your appointment at McKinney Dentist. Dr. Berlin, Dr. Markham, Dr. Lynch, and our team members are congenial and professional, and we will ensure that you and your family’s happiness and comfort are met.

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