Cosmetic Wax-Up - McKinney, TX

Cosmetic Wax-Up

Seeing is Believing with our Cosmetic Wax-up

Have you ever been to the dentist, and while discussing your treatment options, you are just downright confused about all of the dental jargon? During those times, you probably would have felt a hundred times more at ease if you could just see what your dentist is talking about and recommending!  Here at McKinney Dentist, we understand that talking about your new smile just doesn’t cut it sometimes—- some patients need proof of the results they will be receiving.

To this effect, seeing is believing; and a dental cosmetic wax-up allows us to do just that—- show you so that you can understand.

  • We believe in listening to each patient’s dental desires and concerns.
  • We are not happy unless you and your family are happy.
  • That is why we enjoy patiently speaking with you about treatment plan options at the onset.
  • Our team wants you to feel at ease and comfortable before any procedures begin.

Once we get a sense for the desired results you want, we then create a diagnostic cosmetic wax-up, combining your dental desires with our recommended dental treatment(s). Viewing the cosmetic wax-up first-hand enables you to see the amazing and dramatic impact that our cosmetic dentistry will have on your smile. It also allows us to make any changes that we deem necessary (i.e. restructuring a tooth, etc) before we start treatment.

A dental cosmetic wax-up allows us to show you so you can believe.

If you would like your own cosmetic dental wax-up, you can schedule your appointment with one of our dentists, Dr. Berlin, Dr. Markham, or Dr. Lynch. We will confidently and happily answer any questions from you or your family! Call us at 972-54-SMILE (972-547-6453).

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