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Dr. Aaron Wood

Dr. Aaron Wood

In August 2011, McKinney Dentist added a new member to our staff family, Dr. Aaron Wood. For the past 10 months, Dr. Wood has treated hundreds of patients here and continues to have a lasting impact on the staff and our patients. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet him, here’s some information to help you get to know our new dentist!

Dr. Wood was born in Houston, moved to California, Wyoming, and then spent most of his young life growing up in a small town in Utah. He attended college at Brigham Young University where he majored in Chinese. He was thrilled to return to his Texas roots by going to San Antonio for his dental degree.

Dr. Aaron Wood’s #1 goal is to make his patients happy. If they are happy, Dr. Wood is happy. He wants provide the patient all the dentistry they want, need, and deserve. His philosophy is to treat his patients like family.

When he’s not practicing dentistry, you can find Dr. Wood home playing with his two children, Calvin and Matilda, and wonderful wife of seven years. He and is wife are currently expecting their third child due in September. If he’s not with his family, he’s probably spending time outdoors or playing something like racquetball, basketball, or golf.

One thing you should know about Dr. Wood is that he loves to learn. A little known fact about Dr. Wood is that when he was a child, he’d sneak encyclopedias into his bedroom and spend hours into the night reading about anything and everything with his little flashlight.