Dr. Berlin Featured On The Cover Of Dental Economics Magazine - McKinney, TX

Dr. Berlin Featured On The Cover Of Dental Economics Magazine

Congratulations to Dr.Berlin for being featured in Dental Economics, the nation’s leading business journal for dentistry. His contribution to the field is inspiring to his colleagues and employees. His hard work and inspiration are admired by those in and out of the office.  Being featured on the front cover of Dental Economics magazine is a very rare and wonderful opportunity.  It is the kind of honor that doesn’t come around often.

The cover feature is related to an article Dr. Berlin has written on “How To Attract and Maintain New Patients.”  In the article, Dr. Berlin explains that there are opportunities outside of traditional marketing methods in order to reach and maintain new patients no matter where a dental practice maybe located.  It’s this type of “out of the box” thinking that has extended Dr. Berlins reputation around the country.

Dr. Berlin is a sought after speaker on practice management, clinical techniques and marketing and helps practices in many areas of the country grow and become profitable.  He’s available for all dental events, meetings, study clubs, and individual practices.  His heart is to share his passion with other dentist and their practices and help them achieve the same success he has.

McKinneyDentist.Com is proud to serve the McKinney and North Texas area.  We invite you to come by and meet Dr. Berlin and the team and see what a difference there is in this wonderful dental office.

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