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Kerolos Morkos

Dr. Kerolos Morkos

Hello everyone,

To tell you that I am blessed and fortunate to be working alongside some of the best dentists in the nation and the best team here at is an understatement. I am lucky to call this practice my home for life and I am honored to serve you and take care of all your dental needs. I have had many blessings in my lifetime and I wanted to share some of the ones that have shaped me into the dentist who I am today.

Growing up in CA I had two loving parents who sacrificed their happiness and all material pleasures in order to take care of their three kids. We grew up in an underserved area but our parents made sure that we never felt like we missed out on anything and that we were happy and had enough time and focus to do well in school. Their joy and happiness came from our success. Both me and my two sisters went to high school at Oxford Academy in Cypress CA and then went to University of California, Riverside. During my time in Riverside I shadowed Dr. Nabil Joseph who was a dentist in CA. Watching him give and serve both in and out of the dental practice ignited my passion in dentistry. I got accepted into Western University of Health Sciences and from there I began to serve.

I ended up going to Panama, Kenya and Mexico many times to provide free dental care to people that were in need. I also volunteered with RAM (Remote Area Medical) Where I got to provide free dental care for those in pain in Palm springs CA, Durant Ok, Knoxville TN, and Nashville TN.

When I got the opportunity to work with some of my mentors at I knew that this was a huge opportunity to help and serve more people and also to join and learn from the best of the best.

My Wife is still in Houston finishing up her residency at UT Health in as a family physician. We are now blessed with a 5 month old boy, Luke Macarius Morkos. They will both join me in Dallas once she is done. We love Texas and the hospitality of everyone in the state and are excited to call it home.

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