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Removable Dentures & Bridges Are The Dentistry Of The Past


Do you have one or more missing teeth?  When you look in the mirror, do you feel hopeless about the condition of your teeth and oral health?  We have good news for you!  Dr. Jeff Lynch and his Esteem Dental Implant team can restore your smile and self-confidence.

  • Restore Bite Function
  • They Look & Feel Beautiful
  • Shorter Treatment Times
  • Easy To Care For
  • Preserves The Bone
  • Look Younger and Feel Better
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Each New Smile Is A Changed Life

Why Call Dr. Jeff Lynch & The Team At Esteem Dental Implants? Because We Are The Leaders In North Texas In Dental Implant Technology.

Here at McKinney Dentist and The McKinney Dental Implant Center, we are concerned about you understanding every step of the dental implant process. That includes which type of implants are right for you, financing options and what results you can expect.  We are here to educate and inform you so that you will feel comfortable through the entire process.  Here are some of the benefits our patients enjoy:

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Esteem Dental Implants Protect The Bone

Apart from being known as one of the most reliable and durable dental treatments, dental implants have the ability to protect and heal bone in the jaw in a missing tooth gap while protecting adjacent teeth from harm. (trust us, that's important.

They Are Beautiful and Natural Looking

Dental implants are not just strong and durable, but they are also very beautiful. The look, feel and function like natural teeth. This is important to you and your everyday life.

You Can Eat The Foods You Want

You can eat any hard food items without fear of them breaking. Imagine biting into an apple, or corn on the cob, or being able to chew normally again. It can happen for you!

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Dental Implants vs. Bridges

At our McKinney, Texas, dental clinic, we want our patients to understand the risks and benefits of dental implants versus other replacement tooth solutions.

When you have missing teeth, you have choices. You can opt for tooth implants or a bridge. Sadly, some of our patients have chosen neither of these options, instead living for years with missing teeth. Not only is living with missing teeth bad for your self-confidence, but it is also bad for your dental health.

Your teeth help keep your jawbone healthy and functional. When you loose one or more teeth, the part of the bone that supported that tooth begins to shrink and atrophy. If you have gone many years with a missing tooth, you may need bone grafting to prepare the jawbone to receive the implant. Once the implant is placed, your jawbone will grow strong around it and remain so for the life of the implant.

When patients opt for a bridge instead, they do not get this benefit of improving jawbone health. That’s because the bridge sits on the gumline instead of being implanted into the jaw. Additionally, in order to place a bridge, our dentists must shave down your adjacent healthy teeth to make room for the appliance.

This is why our dentists always recommend tooth implants to our patients with missing teeth in the McKinney, Texas, area.

If You Think Dental Implants Are Right For You Or You Have Additional Questions, Then Give Our Office A Call At 844-549-1106.

All-on-4 or Implant-Supported Dentures

While many patients come to our dentist office for a single replacement tooth, others need a full set of replacement teeth. They may have lost all their teeth or have only a few left.

Years ago, the only solution was dentures. But today, we recommend our patients get implant-supported dentures, or All-on-4 implants. These options include implanting titanium posts — between two and six in the upper and lower jaw — and then attaching the full arch of teeth.

Either of these options is far superior to dentures, because dentures simply sit on the gumline while dental implants are securely embedded in your jaw. That means no worrying about your dentures slipping or clicking when you eat or speak.

Implant-supported dentures or All-on-4 dentures also help keep the jawbone healthy. When you have dentures that sit on top your gumline, your gums will shrink over time, and that’s why dentures can be uncomfortable and need frequent relining.

Some implant-supported dentures are removable, but All-on-4s are permanent. Either gives you back your beautiful smile and allows you to eat any foods you like without restrictions — that’s something you can’t do with dentures.

Make an appointment at our dentist office in McKinney, Texas, today to learn more about implant-supported dentures and All-on-4s — the best methods of teeth replacement.

Are You Ready To Embrace The Future In Replacing Missing Teeth?

Don’t go through life just getting patch work dentistry. Your oral health is important to your overall health and your self-confidence.  Why not get a permanent solution that will have you living healthier, happier and looking younger.

Each New Smile Is A Changed Life

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