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Get Straight Teeth—FAST

Does a Straighter Smile in Just 20 Weeks Sound Good?

Most people require orthodontic treatment at some point in their lifetime in order to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile. At McKinney Dentist, we understand that many patients want a straight smile, but do not like the idea of spending years wearing unattractive, lifestyle-altering braces. To help alleviate these concerns, we offer the revolutionary Fastbraces® orthodontics treatment method to help you get straight teeth—FAST. Fastbraces in McKinney, TX, uses patented triangular shaped brackets and flexible wires to align crooked teeth often in just around 20 weeks as opposed to one to two years.

The Fastbraces Advantage​

Why is the Fastbraces Treatment So Quick?​

Most patients are able to see results with Fastbraces so quickly due to their unique design that moves both the crown of the tooth and the root at the same time. Traditional orthodontics move one part of the tooth, then the other, which essentially doubles the amount of time for treatment and often causes additional tooth discomfort. With Fastbraces, the triangular bracket and flexible wire allow for improved alignment and quicker results, getting you to your dream smile quicker.

Many adults and teens enjoy the Fastbraces technology because they do not have to be in braces for long. With a straight smile, you will have healthier teeth, an improved diet and a dramatically more confident smile. We see several patients who choose Fastbraces before a big event like a wedding or reunion since results can be so dramatic in just weeks, not years. Your face deserves a healthy, beautiful smile and our experienced team can get you to where you want to be!

They Said "Yes!"

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Don’t feel trapped in braces, choose Fastbraces for a quick solution.

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