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You Too Can Have Straighter Teeth In As Little As 20 Weeks

Getting braces is a decision most people have to make at some time in their life and with all the new types of orthodontics out there, the decision is made more difficult.  That’s why here at, we sit down and consult with you on what is the best option for you to get the smile you want.

We offer a really fantastic opportunity for helping you get straighter teeth with FASTBRACES®.  Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly and came in tilted, sideways and not upright. Fastbraces® Technology brings the teeth back upright in one stage the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire. Treatment time can now typically be completed in weeks to months instead of years.  For most people, that is really exciting news.

Old braces are typically square in shape and they move teeth in multiple stages. If the square braces are replaced with triangular ones, the distance between the braces increases substantially. Therefore, by doubling the distance for example, the flexibility of the square wire increases eight times and thus the square wire can be engaged comfortably and easily between the braces in order to upright the roots from the beginning of treatment.

Most Fastbraces® cases are completed in about 20 weeks.  Traditional types of orthodontics take 2 years or more.  Even the clear type braces can take a while to complete.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for your misaligned teeth, then give us a call.  We would love to have a consultation with you to determine if Fastbraces® is the right course of action to straighten your teeth.

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