Gingival Grafs

Gingival Grafts

One type of gum repair that we offer is called a gingival graft(also known as a gum graft, or a soft tissue graft). We often see patients come to our office with extreme gum recession (their toothʼs roots are exposed because the gums have pulled back), which is never a good thing (ever hear of the term “long in the tooth?”).

Gum recession can be caused by many elements, including: tooth position in the jaw, aggressive brushing, teeth grinding, periodontal disease, and many other reasons linked to poor oral hygiene. Receded gums can cause sensitivity to hot, cold or even just to the touch. The exposed roots are also much more susceptible to getting decay which can be a big problem and difficult to repair.

  • We offer a gum graft to these patients, which helps restore the gumline to it’s proper height, covers the exposed root and helps to prevent future gum recession and bone loss.
  • Gingival grafting will cover the roots, and/or grow gum tissue in the highly recessed gum areas.
  • This procedure uses your own growth factors to help “regrow” your gums.
  • The result is repairing the unsightly appearance of the receding gumline, and preventing these problems from reoccurring.

Whether a patient has one or numerous teeth with unwanted gum recession, soft tissue grafting is the solution to straighten your gum line, prevent tooth decay and reduce sensitivity caused by exposed roots. If you have receded gums and think that you are in need of a gingival graft, then come see our experienced dentists in North Texas today. Call us to schedule your appointment!