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Growth Factor Healing - McKinney, TX

Natural, Biological Healing

growth factors used to speed up biological healing - McKinney, TX

Growth Factor Healing Provides Improved Results

Human growth factors are proteins located in your blood that permit your body to heal—essentially, biological healing. When grafting and placing dental implants, we often use your own growth factors in order to speed the biological healing process of dental surgeries. We do so by isolating these growth factors from your blood, and incorporating them into the site being regenerated. Incorporating the growth factors and biological healing treatment into our dental surgeries has many benefits to you. 

The Benefits of Biological Healing

patient's bone and gum tissued healed using biological bandage - McKinney, TX
Biological bandage - McKinney, TX

A Biological Bandage

Another way that we use growth factors for biological healing in McKinney, TX, is by making a “bandage” called fibrin. We place this bandage over the surgery site, which then reduces bleeding, swelling, and pain complications. The amazing aspect of this bandage lies in the fact that it is made from your own blood, which means the fibrin gets absorbed at a fast rate (approximately two weeks), and then creates new gum or bone tissue!

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