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Dental Implants: Nature’s Rival

Now patients who are missing teeth have a strong, beautiful alternative to bridges, partials, or full dentures. Dental implants will improve your smile and your lifestyle. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Implants can anchor bridges, partials, or full dentures to eliminate slipping.

After an examination, Dr. Lynch can tell you what your customized plan would involve to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. The dental implant is basically a man-made tooth root that a tooth, or teeth, can be attached to. After the implant is carefully positioned where the root used to be, the bone grows to it. This creates the solid foundation onto which your new tooth or teeth will be attached.

Once the implants are secured, our North Texas dentist will attach a handcrafted, permanent crown to each post. The restorations will match your natural teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile.

By imitating an entire natural tooth, from the root up, dental implants offer a prosthetic that closely mimics nature. The result? Dental implant patients enjoy restored function, which allows a healthy diet of hard-to-chew foods. Speech may also improve. Strong and secure, your new smile will boost your confidence, enhance your appearance, and improve your quality of life.