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In-House Labs - McKinney, TX

We Customize Your Restorations In-House

Cosmetic waxup McKinney, TX

We Don’t Outsource Our Restorations

As a patient of McKinney Dentist, you are our number one priority. Our goal is to meet your wants, needs, and desires while you are here in our office. McKinney Dentist is one of very few dental offices in America with an in-house lab actually on-site! Our senior lab technician, Tony, has been with McKinney Dentist for over 20 years performing every possible lab repair.

Our In-House Lab Makes Dentistry Convenient

Whether it’s a broken denture, cracked denture, replacing a denture tooth, or a broken clasp on a partial denture, our in-house lab team can handle all of your repairs, relines, and other denture/partial needs. Better yet, if you are experiencing on-going issues with the fit and function of your dentures, we have a better solution through Teeth Tomorrow®, the revolutionary full arch protocol using permanent dental implants. With Teeth Tomorrow, you will never have to worry about needing denture repair or relines again!  If you ever find yourself in any kind of emergency with your denture or partial, give us a call—we can fix it for you. Our in-house lab even allows us to make color modifications to crowns to match your teeth exactly, which is an incredibly convenient and valuable service for patients when time is of the essence.

Cosmetic waxup McKinney, TX

Get customized dental care from our unique in-house lab in McKinney, TX.

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