Laser Dentistry - McKinney, TX

Laser Dentistry

The Revolutionary Laser Dentistry Used By Our McKinney Dentists

Have you heard about the number one dental laser company, BIOLASE®? We have because they created the ultimate, revolutionary ezlase™ laser that our McKinney dentists use on a daily basis!

Our dentists are trained in utilizing the modern, ezlase dental tool to deliver safe and effective solutions. This FDA-approved laser dentistry technology offers a wide variety of specialized uses, including:

  • Incredibly fast teeth-whitening tool and tooth bleaching (a full-mouth whitening in 20 minutes)—now that’s fast!
  • Temporary relief for minor pains (due to joint pain, muscle pain, and stiffness)
  • Faster, more precise techniques that our dentists can perform (i.e. assisting with soft tissue surgery, uncovering dental implants, vaporizing infected gum tissue, etc)
  • And many more!

Ezlase high-tech equipment gives us the opportunities to deliver unparalleled results with precision and comfort. As a matter of fact, ezlase is one of the most highly advanced technological advancements used in the dental field today!

If you are ready to experience innovative dental technology, our dentists of McKinney, Texas are ready to exceed your expectations! We recommend scheduling your complimentary consultation by calling us at 972-547-6453. We have flexible office hours six days a week, and you can even chat with us online about dental services that interest you!

The diode laser technology, in combination with our dental expertise, serves as a powerful instrument, which offers various benefits to our patients. Our patients love the advantages of ezlase versus traditional scalpel and stitches treatment, which include:

  • Eliminating the need for local anesthesia (needle and shots) because many ezlase procedures require only topical anesthetic treatment
  • Lessening post-treatment pain and discomfort
  • Quickening healing time after treatments
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