Protect Your Teeth And Stop The Grinding From Wearing Them Down

Prevent unnecessary wear on your teeth with a high quality mouth guard from McKinney Dentist.

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding

Nighttime Teeth Grinding Can Damage Teeth

Do you experience persistent headaches or jaw joint pain? Have you broken one or more teeth or chipped the edges off of your front teeth or crowns? These could be signs that you grind your teeth while you sleep at night. Doing so can cause significant dental concerns and health problems.


At McKinney Dentist, we have a solution to help protect your teeth while you sleep from teeth grinding and teeth clenching—a dental night guard. A night guard, is a custom-fitted appliance that you wear over your teeth to protect them from nighttime teeth grinding or clenching.

Signs You May Need a Night Guard

Why Does Grinding and Clenching Occur?

During sleep we have no control over grinding or clenching, and unfortunately this can cause jaw pain, muscle soreness, cracked teeth, broken crowns and severe wear on your teeth.


To create a custom-fitted night guard, impressions are taken of the teeth, and from those models, our lab makes a night guard to fit comfortably around your teeth. Having a “cushion” of a night guard between your teeth at night is a great way to preserve your natural teeth, as well as any dental work you have undergone.

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Do You Want To Improve Your Smile

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You Can Have A Strong and Natural Looking Smile

Do you have several missing teeth?
Have you had multiple root canals or gum disease?
Is it hard to chew, or do you avoid smiling?
Are you tired of wearing dentures?
Are you missing all your teeth?

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A Beautiful And Straight Smile Is Just A Phone Call Away

Having a straight and beautiful smile is what most people want.  It can give you more self-confidence and improve your overall oral health.  Traditional orthodontics can be unsightly and uncomfortable.  Invisalign is the perfect solution for your orthodontic needs.

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