Ora Verse

Ora Verse® Anesthetic Reversal

One of the more frustrating aspects of receiving a numbing anesthetic for a dental procedure is having to put your life on hold until you can return to normal speech and function. What if you can’t afford to take the afternoon off? After all, what are you supposed to do if you have an important speaking engagement only an hour or two away?

Conventionally, you could not schedule an important dental procedure on the same day as an important speaking engagement, or other task. However, thanks to Ora Verse® anesthetic reversal offered by McKinney Dentist, you can go about your day as if you never saw the dentist!

Luckily for patients of McKinney Dentist, this revolutionary product actually speeds the awakening from the anesthetic agents used during your dental procedure; meaning you will spend less time feeling incapacitated. Best of all, Ora Verse acts fast; it only takes approximately 25 minutes to start reversing the numbing agents, and the numbness is usually gone in about an hour!

Ask for Ora Verse

  • When scheduling your appointment, you should consider how much time you can devote to your recovery. If you need to get back to work quickly, it is important to ask one of our dentists to administer Ora Verse. This will drastically reduce your recovery time after a numbing agent has been used.
  • Ora Verse is not something that we administer to all of our patients. If you need it, make sure to talk with one of our dentists before your procedure begins so that we can prepare accordingly.

At your next appointment, ask our dentists about the benefits of Ora Verse. It’s just another way we can ensure that you leave our office smiling, and ready to tackle whatever the rest of your day has in store!