Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns To Restore Your Smile

A dental crown, which is also called a cap, many times is needed when a tooth has become badly decayed or even fractured. In fact, crowns are recommended for teeth that have become weakened as a preventative measure. When a crown is placed on a tooth that has become weakened or fractured, it gives the tooth additional strength so that you can chew effectively without causing further damage to your tooth.

When one of your front teeth is just slightly chipped or cracked, the problem is primarily a cosmetic one. This problem can be addressed with very conservative treatments such as dental veneers or bonding. If there is more severe damage to the tooth, whether it is the result of tooth decay or an injury sustained from an accident, the tooth can become extremely weakened. The tooth may have an unsightly appearance and accompanied by severe pain and the inability to chew. This is the type of situation where a crown is needed.

Porcelain crowns not only repair badly damaged teeth, but they also are used to straighten the teeth, reshape poorly developed teeth and cover unsightly stains and discolorations to your teeth. There are many advances that have occurred in porcelain technology which have provided us with all ceramic materials that are not only very beautiful aesthetically but are quite durable and strong. These modern and all- ceramic materials are state of the art when it comes to restoring a natural look and function to your smile.

Tooth colored all-ceramic crowns can blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth so that when you smile it looks natural and appealing. These all-ceramic restorations combined strength and beauty unlike any other dental restorative material.

Why We Use An All Ceramic Material

Ceramic restorations do not contain metal. This allows light to shine through them as it does through your natural teeth. All – ceramic materials stand out for their:

  • Highly esthetic and natural appearance
  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • They can be color matched to your adjacent teeth
  • They have bio-compatibility

Crowns Over Dental Implants


Porcelain crowns are beautiful restorations and can really enhance your smile. They also have another use in dentistry and that is in combination with dental implants. After placing an implant where you have a missing tooth, a porcelain crown is then fashioned to fit over the implant to replace the missing tooth. This will restore the complete and natural function to your teeth.

The process includes:

  • Reshaping of the tooth and making a model of it during the first visit
  • During the second appointment, which is 2 to 3 weeks later, the crown is placed and we fine tune the bite and the fit.

If you have severely cracked, mis-shapen or discolored teeth, a porcelain crown may be the ideal treatment for helping you get your smile and oral health in top condition. Feel free to call our office today for a consultation and we will see if porcelain crowns are right for helping you get the smile you want. Call for an appointment today.