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Removable Dentures and Partials

Dentures in McKinney, TX: We Offer A Wide Array of Options

We know that not everyone’s smile or mouths are the same. That is why we offer various dental solutions to suit our patient’s needs. We want you and your family to receive the best dental care and treatment from our McKinney Dentist team.

To cater to your dental needs, our McKinney dentists offer four types of dentures: immediate, removable partial, and implant supported lock-in dentures.

Our McKinney dentists and team strive to meet you and your family’s needs and desires during your office visits.

Immediate dentures

Our immediate dentures are just that— dentures that are placed the same day, at the same appointment that the teeth are removed. Patients appreciate never going a day without teeth!

  • During your first appointment, impressions of your teeth are taken, along with choosing the color and shape of your new teeth.
  • Upon removing your teeth (usually done under IV sleep sedation), we deliver your new set of teeth at your second appointment.
  • There will be times when you need adjustments and those are easy appointments.
  • After 3-6 months, we perform a reline to refit your denture to your new gums and jaw contour.

Removable partial

The second option is a removable partial denture (known as “partials”) that replaces one or more teeth, and is created from all-acrylic, or acrylic with a metal base (for increased strength). As a less expensive alternative to attached bridges, and when there are not enough good teeth for fixed bridges, we recommend partials as the last option for tooth replacement. Patients must wear their partials throughout the day, but should be removed at night. This gives your gum tissue a break, and also helps prevent fungal infections.

Denture Fountain of Youth®

The Denture Fountain of Youth® is the third type of denture our McKinney dentists offer.

  • These are the highest quality, and the most customized denture manufactured.
  • Our patients consistently rave about how comfortable and well-fitting this type of denture is and how aesthetically-pleasing they look, too!
  • Since dentures are positioned partially on muscle, our dentists evaluate the best position where your muscles are the most stable and relaxed, and where your bite position produces the best muscle function (we use the term “neuromuscular dentistry”).
  • All of these elements directly correlate with how well your dentures fit, and how naturally beautiful they look— all important concepts to you!

Lock-in dentures

Last but not certainly not least, McKinney dentists offer implant supported “lock-in” dentures. This requires a simple procedure that will lock-in your denture by using a customized combination of holding caps and snap-on components. Essentially, your dentures will be supported using multiple implants that pose as the tooth’s root! Thus, implant lock-in dentures eliminate the need for messy, irritating denture adhesive since they are now stable and non-shifting.

  • Rest assured, in case you ever experience problems with your dentures, we have our own in-house laboratory to assist you!
  • Our McKinney dentists and team strive to meet you and your family’s needs and desires during your office visits.
  • Tony and Jessica, our highly skilled lab technicians, directly communicate with patients to accurately fix any issues.
  • If you or a family member needs your dentures repaired, a reline completed, or any other denture/partial concern fixed, we will serve your needs.
  • The in-house laboratory is advantageous because we do not have to send your dentures to another location to get fixed— that means quick and easy service!

To take advantage of our amazing McKinney dentures options, you can schedule your complimentary consultation today. One of our North Texas dentists will competently discuss the treatment options that work best for you and your family’s needs!


Dentures and Partials
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Dentures and Partials
Dentures can replace missing teeth and make you look younger