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Removing Dark Lines Caused By Crowns

Removing Dark Lines Caused By Crowns: How We Perfect Your Smile

Are you embarrassed by the unattractive dark lines you have near the edges of your dental crown? Do you wish there was something your dentist can do to remove them?

  • Here at McKinney Dentist, removing dark lines caused by crowns is one way we perfect smiles on a daily basis!
  • For your understanding, the unsightly dark lines naturally appear on your crowned tooth because of the metal underneath.
  • Using metal allows the dentist to provide extra strength to your crown or bridge.

However, when this metal coping becomes exposed, the dark lines emerge. This is especially evident in porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM crowns).

As reassurance, your natural teeth will never have this unattractive dark rim around the gum tissue. When seeing someone smile who has crowns with dark lines, we automatically know that they have unnatural teeth, and have had dental work completed.

If you are one of these individuals, McKinney Dentist has the perfect solution for removing dark lines on crowns— we replace the old dental crowns with an all-porcelain crown(s)!

If you choose to fix the dark lines, we will remove your existing crown, and replace it with a crown made of all-porcelain materials. Perhaps you have multiple teeth that have dark lines. Well, McKinney Dentist recommends replacing all of your old crowns at the same time so we can customize and color-match your teeth with consistency and precision. That way, we will color-match the porcelain dental crown(s) to create a natural-looking smile.

If you are weighing the advantages and disadvantages of all-porcelain vs. metal crowns, we provide some insight here:

  • Porcelain crowns are strong and aesthetically-pleasing.
  • Our all-porcelain dental crowns are good options for your front teeth, which are fully exposed every time you smile; whereas, metal crowns are better options for your molars (back teeth).
  • Plus, if you are allergic to metal, all-porcelain dental crowns are the best solution for you.

If you would like to fix your unpleasant dark lines, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us by calling 972-547-6453.

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