Root Canal Pain- McKinney, TX

Root Canal Pain

Root Canal Pain A Thing Of The Past: McKinney, Texas

When most people are told they need a root canal, they immediately associate it with pain and with things they heard or saw years ago.  Hollywood has done a good job of painting a picture in our minds of root canals being some terrible procedure that is near getting a limb amputated.  However the fact is that with todays advances in dentistry, root canals are not painful at all.

Let us explain.  The pain you feel is caused by an infection.  The root canal is designed to relieve that pain and get you back to normal living a pain free life.  Sedation dentistry has enabled us to make you the most comfortable possible for the procedure.  Local anesthetics numb the gums and surrounding areas and often other types of sedation can be administered to help you even be more at ease.  If you feel you need a root canal, ask the doctor about our sedation options and we will be happy to help you with those options.

Pain After The Root Canal

Sometimes people think that after a root canal they want have anymore pain with the tooth.  The fact is, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold food or beverages.  However, for a few days after the root canal, there may be sensitivity around the tooth.  We can normally prescribe a medication to reduce the amount of inflammation around the tooth.

Can A Root Canal Save My Tooth Or Will Eventually Have To Be Pulled

It is a common mistake most people make in believing that they will probably lose the tooth anyway so they put off having a root canal.  The fact is, a root canal is designed to save the tooth from being lost.  Keeping your natural teeth should always be a priority and if they can be saved they should be saved.

I Don’t Have Pain So Do I Really Need A Root Canal

Many times teeth that may need a root canal don’t cause any pain at all.  That doesn’t mean the tooth might be ok.  Advancements in our abilities to see teeth that may need a root canal have made it possible to stop the pain before it occurs.  This one reason regular checkups and cleanings are a must in order to head problems off before they occur.  We have ways to see if the tooth’s pulp is somehow damaged or infected.  If it is infected or damaged, you will then need root canal therapy in order to correct the problem even if the tooth doesn’t hurt.

If a tooth needs a root canal and you do not take care of it, it can damage other tissue around it.  This can lead to much larger problems including infection that can go down to the bone.

Are My Roots Removed In A Root Canal

The simple answer is no.  The whole point of a root canal is to save the tooth and not remove it.  The canals inside the tooth are cleaned out and shaped and filled with a product called “gutta percha.”  A temporary filling is placed for the time being but a permanent one or crown is put on the tooth later to insure that bacteria doesn’t get back down into the canal.

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, you should come in for a cleaning and a check up in order to get a current look at the condition of your teeth.  If you are having pain, then come in right away and let us use the technology we have to see just what is causing the problem and what we can do to fix it and get you out of pain.  Call us today at 972-547-6453 and we will get you right in.

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