Need A Crown Today? We Can Do It Today!

McKinney Dentist is known for same-day dentistry.  It’s no different even if  you need a crown.

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Need a Tooth Fixed Today?

If you need a dental crown to restore a cracked, severely worn, or badly decayed tooth, we know that sometimes it’s very difficult for you to take time out of your hectic schedule to tend to your tooth. You may not have time to attend the multiple appointments, yet it’s important to remedy a compromised tooth right away before additional damage occurs.

Thankfully, we have a solution for you! Using the advanced PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration System from E4D Technologies, our experienced team can design, create, and apply a permanent, attractive, and long-lasting crown to your tooth—in one visit! This same-day crown technology has helped hundreds of our patients restore teeth without any interference with their busy lives. You can be one of them!

E4D: Innovation at its Finest

You might think it sounds “too good to be true” to have your tooth restored in less than two hours, but it really is true. That is because our E4D technology delivers. This computer-aided system custom-mills a durable, natural-looking crown from a 3D image of your tooth. Our doctors and in-house lab technicians will simply add realistic details and custom shading to create a crown that is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. Once the color-matched, metal-free crown is made, one of our experienced dentists will permanently bond the crown to your tooth. Same-day crowns might be your fastest and most convenient dental experience yet.

Same-Day Crowns = One, Convenient Visit

A same-day crown will save you time and money, and you won’t need to wear a temporary crown while your permanent one is being made. Instead, you’ll come in and sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair while we will scan your tooth to design your new crown. While our E4D machine makes your permanent crown, you can enjoy our free WI-FI and get some of your personal work done.

When the same-day crown is ready and we have made all our artistic details, we will bond your crown and you will be all set to leave our office! If you have a cracked, worn, or decayed tooth, don’t put off dental care because you think it might be too time-consuming. Trust our team at McKinney Dentist for innovative dentistry that focuses on what you need!

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Do You Want To Improve Your Smile

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You Can Have A Strong and Natural Looking Smile

Do you have several missing teeth?
Have you had multiple root canals or gum disease?
Is it hard to chew, or do you avoid smiling?
Are you tired of wearing dentures?
Are you missing all your teeth?

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A Beautiful And Straight Smile Is Just A Phone Call Away

Having a straight and beautiful smile is what most people want.  It can give you more self-confidence and improve your overall oral health.  Traditional orthodontics can be unsightly and uncomfortable.  Invisalign is the perfect solution for your orthodontic needs.

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