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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles®: A Revolutionary Cosmetic Dental Solution

If your goal is to have straight teeth, you are probably in the process of researching available options. You’ve probably come across Invisalign® and traditional orthodontic braces, but aren’t too keen on wearing metal-and-wire braces for two years or possibly longer.

Well, if you are looking for a dentist you can trust to provide the incredible smile you always dreamed of, then McKinney Dentist is a great choice!

We know that weighing your options can be somewhat overwhelming and may be downright confusing for some people. In its simplest terms, Six Month Smiles is a new orthodontic system that utilizes clear (tooth-colored) braces to reposition the front teeth. Here are some extremely attractive features about the Six Month Smiles tooth-colored braces system that we offer:

  • Focuses on cosmetic restoration to reposition your front teeth.
  • The brackets used for the Six Month Smiles dental appliance are clear, and we will even use tooth-colored wires—-makes for a near-invisible appearance.
  • Fast, extraordinary results— in around 6 months!
  • Most adults ages 18 and over who want to transform their smile are suitable for Six Month Smiles
  • Suitable for patients with poorly aligned teeth
  • Very minimal, if any, tooth removal is needed

Six Month Smiles is made from nickel-titanium wires, in which a minimal force is used to shift and reposition the front teeth that show when you smile. The purpose of Six Month Smiles is not to alter your bite, but instead dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth that always show.

This revolutionary, technologically advanced system will undoubtedly revamp your old smile to a remarkable, new smile! The Six Month Smiles treatment is an alternative to traditional braces, and sometimes porcelain veneers.

If you would love the benefits of Six Month Smiles, but aren’t sure if you are a suitable candidate, we will be pleased to evaluate your case and make recommendations for you. Call McKinney Dentist to schedule your consultation today at 972-54-SMILE or (972)-547-6453!

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