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No Dental Insurance: No Problem at Mckinney Dentist

The newspapers today are full of stories about people not having medical health insurance, but we never hear about those without dental insurance. Let’s examine this, the differences between the two, and what McKinney Dentist does to help make dentistry affordable to those in McKinney without insurance. Medical Insurance Medical insurance is designed to cover

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Dental Insurance: Myths vs Facts

Dental Insurance: Myths vs Facts Myth: People think that their dental insurance policy will take care of major events like house or medical insurance will. Fact: People who have “dental insurance” really only have minor dental benefits that are determined by their employer and an insurance company. A dental benefit is more like a coupon.

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McKinney Dentists Changed My Life!

To Whom it May Concern: As I write this letter I have now had my “new smile” for almost three weeks.  It seems like it has been 30 years ago considering how my life has changed. I am like many of you-a middle aged person. For many years since grade school my teeth and smile have always bothered me. 

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