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Wisdom Teeth

McKinney Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What a Smart Decision!

Wisdom Teeth Complications

Your wisdom teeth are the teeth farthest in the back of your mouth, located in the upper and lower jaw; and dentists refer to them as 3rd molars. Most patients do not have ample room for wisdom teeth.

Since our jaws are not of adequate size to keep our wisdom teeth, they become enclosed within the bone or soft tissue (this is called impaction), and then they attempt to create space for themselves!

This process creates negative repercussions that become evident when you are either young, or as an adult. Since it is a rare occurrence for them to come in straight, patients usually experience a range of dental problems, such as:

  • Crowding of your other teeth (due to insufficient space in your mouth)
  • Creating cavities on the teeth directly in front of your wisdom teeth (due to the cramped quarters in the back of your mouth)
  • Growing cysts or infections within the jaw bone (due to bacteria that formulates)

To prevent these negative consequences, our McKinney dentists recommend removing the 3rd molars at a young age. That way, there is a lesser chance of problems ever arising. Plus, extracting wisdom teeth at a young age means that the root has not fully developed— this makes for an easier extraction, and a speedier recovery for you!

  • During the procedure, we offer IV sedation dentistry by our well-trained anesthesiologist, which allows you to sleep throughout the entire procedure.
  • The procedure typically lasts approximately one hour, and is typically performed in the office by our very own, highly skilled, and experienced, Dr. Lynch.

Our gentle wisdom teeth extractions assuage your discomfort and any other dental issues caused by them. If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, or you would like to extract your wisdom teeth before problems start, call us at 972-547-6453 to schedule your appointment!

Have you ever wondered why they are called wisdom teeth?

If you keep them for many years without extraction, do you become smarter than everyone else who doesn’t have their wisdom teeth? Well, not quite. Actually, wisdom tooth extraction is a smarter idea than keeping your wisdom teeth!

Most patients do not have ample room for wisdom teeth because our jaws are not of adequate size to keep them.

Even smarter is your decision to remove wisdom teeth by our McKinney dental team. We are highly qualified to remove your wisdom teeth, while making your office visit as comfortable as possible.

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