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Are you ready to improve your smile, your self-image and your life? At, we work with you one-on-one to discuss the results you want to achieve and how to start the process. What excites us most is seeing someone like you, often with tears in your eyes, stand in awe of your new smile. It’s your turn! You can be next! Take a look at how your new smile will change your life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

What exactly is cosmetic dentistry and how do we approach it here at McKinney Dentist? Dr. Marvin Berlin, our chief cosmetic dentist, is one of the foremost experts in the entire country. He has taught courses in cosmetic dentistry techniques and has educated many dental patients through appearances in the media. Here he explains more about cosmetic dentistry.
You probably either know someone who had a smile makeover, or you’ve seen the smile makeover shows on television, and probably wondered how they can afford such amazing transformations. Maybe you’ve wondered if your dentist even offers those smile makeover types of treatments and services. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had your own opportunity to recreate your smile using the latest dental technology? Well, you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity when you schedule your smile makeover consultation with McKinney Dentist! All in all, we want you and your family to keep smiling and showing off your pearly whites on every occasion! Once you schedule your consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, we will listen to your dental needs, analyze your smile, discuss your health history, and design your perfect smile makeover using the dental treatments we offer!

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Is The Berlin Smile right for me?

You may wonder if cosmetic dentistry would work for you and how you would go about learning more. Watch this video about one patient’s experience with how her smile was transformed by Dr. Berlin.

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We believe in showing the world who you are through your smile. Check out these amazing transformations and ask yourself — are you ready for your own Berlin Smile makeover? Schedule your Virtual Smile Consultation with Dr. Berlin now.
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The Berlin Smile
The Berlin Smile
McKinney Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic Dentistry in McKinney

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The Berlin Smile Video
The Berlin Smile Video
The Berlin Smile Video

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Send us a picture of your current smile and Dr. Marvin Berlin will take care of everything else! He will listen to your dental needs, analyze your smile, discuss your health history, and design your perfect smile makeover using the dental treatments we offer via  a personalized video! Completely free of cost to you, this consultation is worth $550.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Video FAQs

In these cosmetic dental patient education videos created specifically for the McKinney and surrounding North Texas communities, Dr. Marvin Berlin explains the treatment options of cosmetic dentistry and how you can get that beautiful smile transformation you've always wanted.

Learn About The Berlin Smile

See why so many patients travel to Dr. Berlin and his cosmetic dentistry team at McKinney Dentist to get the Berlin Smile. We'll show you the step-by-step procedures and processes to get the smile of your dreams. Learn about porcelain veneers, smile shaping, teeth whitening and other dental treatments.

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We are dedicated to offering the best dental care to our neighbors in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas such as Plano, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, and the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region.
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01. Dental Implants

Have missing or bad teeth? Implants help you chew and smile with confidence. LEARN MORE...

02. Cosmetic Dentistry

The Berlin Smileᵀᴹ - Bringing your inner beauty to the surface by creating your dream smile. LEARN MORE...

03. Invisalign

Ready for beautiful straight teeth without metal braces? Invisalign aligners guide your teeth to the perfect position. LEARN MORE...

04. Family Dentistry

Want to take care of your entire family's dental needs in the same place at the same time? LEARN MORE...

05. Emergency Dentistry

Have you broken or chipped a tooth? Are you in pain? We'll take care of you right now. LEARN MORE...

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