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So many families just like you in the North Texas area have selected Dr. Anthony Callison and the pediatric dentistry team at McKinney Dentist as their orthodonist. McKinneyDentist.com is the area’s largest and most progressive dental practice with a special focus on treating you like family.

Dr. Anthony Callison is a father of 4 and loves to interact with the community. He is especially passionate about helping kids with their self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Having a fun and supporting dentist during their time with orthodontic treatment is especially important according to Dr. Callison. We agree!

Our office is set up to be very kid-friendly and extra supportive. At McKinney Dentist, we understand your utmost concern for your child’s oral health and assure you that our experienced dental professionals understand and identify with your concerns in regards to children’s dentistry. We will help you make the right choices to ensure that your child has a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for years to come!

Dr. Anthony Callison Offers A Free Pediatric Orthodontic Evaluation

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We Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Getting Braces

Dr. Anthony Callison is well-known for his ability to set kids at ease during their orthodontic treatments. Whether they are getting traditional metal braces or the Invisalign Clear Aligners system, your child will enjoy fear-free time at the dentist! 

As a leading family dentistry practice in the North Texas area, we help families get their kids comfortable with going to the dentist early. By developing good dental habits from the start and having positive experiences at the dentist early on, children can avoid developing a fear of the dentist like many of their parents. This also lets our dentists begin checking your child’s teeth very early and ensure that they are practicing good brushing and oral care. When kids start children’s dentistry young, it makes them much more confident as they age to say “Yes!” to their future dental care. This includes the entire orthodontic treatment process.

Another way to gradually introduce your child to the dentist is to bring them along on your own dental visit! By doing so, you give your child the chance to get acclimated to the dental environment. We have found this strategy works well for some children. We want the parents to be a big part in showing that going to the dentist isn’t something to be afraid of. We want your child to learn the importance of oral health and children’s dentistry at an early age.

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Does your child need braces? A complete orthodontic evaluation is just a phone call away! Schedule your  consultation and Dr. Callison will assess your child's needs, go over the treatment options, talk about costs and explain what to expect throughout your child's treatments.

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Pediatric Orthodontic Video FAQs

Dr. Anthony Callison explains everything you need to know about the your child’s orthodontic treatments and answers your most frequently asked questions, including cost of braces or Invisalign.

Invisalign For The Whole Family

Both adults and children from all over the North Texas area come to McKinney Dentist to get their teeth straightened. We are the area’s largest dental practice and are ready to help you get your Dream Smile.

We believe that every patient has a right to our very best.

We are dedicated to offering the best dental care to our neighbors in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas such as Plano, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, and the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region.
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