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Meet Dr. Kerolos Morkos

Dr. Kerolos Morkos DDS

When I Made McKinney Dentist My Home

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In 2019, McKinney’s premier dental practice was bursting at the seams. With more and more families making McKinneyDentist.com their dental home, it was time to add providers. But not just anyone would do. They needed dentists who shared their patient-first philosophy. Founding dentist, Marvin Berlin, soon found himself buried in an avalanche of viable applications. But one stood out from the rest. When he met face-to-face with Kerolos (Kero) Morkos, he realized the young man would be the perfect fit. For Kero, however, the timing was less than ideal.

“My wife, Dr. Lisa Morkos and I just had our first child, and she was finishing her medical residency,” he said. “Accepting a job with McKinneyDentist.com would mean living apart for at least a year. But we both realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My amazing wife made it all work. Now, she works at West McKinney Health and Wellness, a family practice in McKinney, and we’re thrilled to be raising our son here.”

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How It All Began

Growing up, Kero understood firsthand the difference a community can make. “Both my parents were cashiers,” he said. “We received a lot of help from our church community. One of them was a dentist. I saw how generous and giving he was. When I was old enough, he let me shadow him in his practice and all I wanted to do was become a dentist and make a difference for people the way he did.”

Kero went on to dental school at Western University of Health Sciences where he made a mission trip to Panama. “That’s when I realized how much I had to offer those who really need me,” he said. Since then, he’s made numerous mission trips to Kenya, Mexico, and to underserved areas in this country, some of them with his future wife. “We had similar childhoods and I used to see her when her church played my church in volleyball and basketball,” he said. “We ended up going to college together and making mission trips together and fell in love. We’ve both been so blessed and want to bless others as God gives us opportunities.”

What My Patients and Practice Mean To Me

Patients of McKinneyDentist.com know Dr. Morkos as a kind, caring dentist who’s quick with a joke. “My biggest thing is to keep patients comfortable,” he said. “I know the dental chair can be a stressful place yet it doesn’t have to be. With the technology available to us today, a visit to the dentist should be a pleasant—even fun—experience. It should also be interesting and informative. My staff and I explain everything we’re doing or recommending so the patient becomes part of our team. We laugh a lot and love getting to know our patients.”

Dr. Morkos can’t say enough about the other four dentists in the McKinneyDentist.com practice. “I learn from them every day,” he said. “Not just about dentistry but about being a good husband, father, friend, and human being. These are great guys, family men, talented dentists, and generous members of the community. They literally wrote the book on dentistry but they’re also good people. We’re all interested in continually becoming better dentists. We’re constantly learning and acquiring new and better technology. And we genuinely care about the experience our patients have in each chair.”

As each of the McKinneyDentist.com providers has settled into a specialized area, Dr. Morkos enjoys the traditional preservative and restorative treatments and has a passion for wisdom teeth extractions and the placement of dental implants. “As dentists, our emphasis is on preserving the natural tooth and empowering our patients to maintain optimum oral health, so they never lose a tooth,” he said. “But when an extraction is the best option—for whatever reason—implant technology can provide a solution with the same strength, appearance, and permanence as your natural tooth.” When not on the job, Dr. Morkos enjoys traveling and dining out. He and his wife are active in their church, St. Philopateer Coptic Orthodox Church in Richardson.

Find out more about Drs. Kero Morkos, Marvin Berlin, Jeff Lynch, Trevor Madden, and Anthony Callison at McKinneyDentist.com or call 972-54-SMILE (972-547-6453) to schedule an appointment with McKinney’s premier dental team.

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