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Dental Cleanings Keep Your Teeth Healthy, Beautiful and Bright

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Top-Quality Dental Hygiene from McKinney Dentist

To avoid more serious health problems, it is vital to prevent the buildup of dangerous bacteria by a routine cleaning and polishing from McKinney Dentist.

Plaque and tartar (calculus) form on our teeth. Plaque is soft and sticky and can usually be brushed off at home using your toothbrush. However, tartar is plaque that has hardened on the tooth surface. It forms above and below the gum line (like a splinter in your gums), and can only be removed with dental instruments.

  •  Professional cleanings by our highly qualified hygienists can be viewed as a preventive measure to destroy harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar that creates serious dental and health issues.
  • It is now clear that the bacteria that causes gum disease can be directly related to heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases.
  • With professional cleanings from McKinney Dentist, you can be assured that you are taking an important, proactive measure to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and a host of other dental and health problems.

Our hygienists also polish your teeth. This process is completed to make the tooth’s surface more smooth, as the smoother your tooth, the harder it is for plaque or tartar to build up. We use a small, motorized rubber cup (called a prophy cup) combined with an abrasive polishing paste. Sometimes in tougher, more severe cases, a special air polisher and baking soda formula is used to get rid of stubborn stains.

This painless procedure will produce a squeaky-clean mouth that can actually reverse bacterial growth in your mouth!

  • Depending on your oral hygiene, or level of buildup or infection, our dentists might suggest a deep cleaning.
  • This treatment involves scaling (to remove stubborn tartar at the gumline), ARESTIN® (antibiotic to eliminate bacterial infection), or root planing (to smooth areas of plaque buildup).
  • By combining these three services, your mouth will be cleaner and healthier than you ever thought possible!

Your dental health is very important, as poor dental hygiene can develop into more serious health problems, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, and even heart disease. As you can see, your dental health is not something to be taken lightly, so let the dental hygiene professionals at McKinney Dentist take care of all of your cleaning and polishing needs. Don’t wait another day!

To schedule your cleaning and polishing appointment, contact our McKinney Dentist office today! Our hygienists are ready to clean and polish your pearly whites!

We believe that every patient has a right to our very best.

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Reviews for dentist in McKinney TX

“They like their jobs!”

Staff is friendly, professional and you can tell they like their job! I have been going here for my dental needs and could not be happier! It is not often that you find a place that has excellent clinical skills and personal skills to go with it. From the front desk to the Dentist, I give them 5 stars in every aspect.

Lee Hammons
Google 5-Star Review
Reviews for dentist in McKinney TX

“Always so friendly and skillful!”

The experience at McKinney Dentist is always wonderful. I checked in and was called back within 5 minutes. My appointment began (early) which is great! The assistant was so friendly and very efficient. Dr Callison came in very soon and got to work. He is always so friendly and skillful! I was out the door in a few minutes. Perfect!

Pam Parmley
Google 5-Star Review
Reviews for dentist in McKinney TX

“Personable and trustworthy!”

Dr. Berlin provided me with a general video overview of the next steps to take towards aesthetically improving the appearance and health of my teeth within little over a day after I initially contacted his office. I once had a terrible experience with a dentist several years ago and committed to never subjecting myself to that type of treatment again. I found Dr. Berlin to be quite personable and trustworthy and look forward to getting started in taking control of my dental health. A beautiful smile is on the horizon for me!

Anita Jones
Google 5-Star Review