Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can fix a wide variety of cosmetic issues including, gaps, cracks, breaks and stained teeth.

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Dr. Marvin Berlin ~ McKinney Dentist

Achieve Your Dream Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Having a beautiful smile is something everyone deserves to experience, and those who have simple cosmetic concerns can take advantage of porcelain veneers to enhance their appearance. Cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers focus on enhancing the look of a smile and can help patients achieve their perfect appearance.


With porcelain veneers, our team of doctors will attach veneer “covers” to the front of specific teeth that mask their natural appearance and provide an improved aesthetic look. These porcelain veneers are durable, natural-looking and can correct a number of cosmetic imperfections. In fact, our senior cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marvin Berlin proudly wears porcelain veneers on his front teeth, which were placed by Dr. Jeff Lynch!

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How Would You Like To See Your Smile Ahead of Time?

One of the most awesome things we provide at McKinney Dentist is the ability to show what your smile can look a head of time.  In this video, Dr. Marvin Berlin demonstrates the “The Smile Test Drive.”  Patients are excited to see the possibilities.

See How Porcelain Veneers Changed These Patients Smiles

A New Smile in Just Two Visits

Often nicknamed “instant orthodontics,” porcelain veneers are a quick way to aesthetically improve many imperfections in your smile in only two appointments. During your first appointment, our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation of your current oral health, prepare your tooth structure for veneers and capture impressions of your teeth to send to a trusted ceramist for fabrication.

While your porcelain veneers are being created, you will be fit with a set of temporary, lifelike veneers to wear until your second appointment. On you second appointment, we will gently remove the temporary veneers and present you with your new, long-term porcelain veneers. After you approve the size, color and shape, the porcelain veneers will be bonded to your teeth to last you many years.

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If you want to improve your smile, but aren’t sure where to begin, let us help! Creating the smile you’ve always dreamed of is just a few clicks away. Smile Virtual Consult allows us to examine your smile, make recommendations, and then you can view it all in the comfort of your own home! It is a convenient way to get started on creating the smile of your dreams.

Common Concerns Porcelain
Veneers Can Correct:

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Over 70 Years of Experience

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most common and sought-after forms of dentistry. Our team has over 70 years of combined dental experience to help our patients enjoy the beautiful smile they deserve with the help of porcelain veneers. Aesthetic in nature, cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers are an excellent option for quickly enhancing your appearance, but more serious functional problems should be treated in a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan then enhanced with porcelain veneers.

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You Can Have A Strong and Natural Looking Smile

Do you have several missing teeth?
Have you had multiple root canals or gum disease?
Is it hard to chew, or do you avoid smiling?
Are you tired of wearing dentures?
Are you missing all your teeth?

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A Beautiful And Straight Smile Is Just A Phone Call Away

Having a straight and beautiful smile is what most people want.  It can give you more self-confidence and improve your overall oral health.  Traditional orthodontics can be unsightly and uncomfortable.  Invisalign is the perfect solution for your orthodontic needs.

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