If you are a North Texas resident whose smile shows more gums than teeth, cosmetic gum lifts may be the solution for you. A gum lift procedure is a simple way to rejuvenate your smile and turn it into something you’ll be proud of. If you are tired of your “gummy-smile”, find a cosmetic dentist who is experienced in gum lift procedures.

The “gummy smile” often occurs because of an overgrowth of gum tissue which covers the parts of your teeth which should be showing when you smile. This can lead to a smile which may make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. Your smile should only be a boost to your self-confidence, and if you are tired of overgrown gums consider having a gum-lift procedure.

What is a gum lift procedure?

  • A gum lift procedure, also called “aesthetic crown lengthening”, is a simple procedure that can often be achieved in one sitting. During this procedure, you will be gently sedated before a trained dentist lifts and re-shapes part of your gums. This will create appropriate tooth contouring and positioning, creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • In addition, your teeth will become longer and the natural contours of your smile will be exposed. Because your gum tissue is attached to the bone, your bones sometimes have to be altered as well. However, your highly trained Mckinney Dentist will perform this procedure with care so that you will undergo the most minimal amount of pain. Additionally, your gum tissue heals fast so the recovery period is swift and easy.
  • If you are unhappy with a “gummy smile” and are considering an aesthetic crown lengthening procedure, look no further than the doctors at McKinney Dentist. The trained cosmetic dentistry professionals at McKinney Dentist perform a plethora of dental treatments and procedures, using state-of-the-art technology to give you the best results possible.

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