Everyone has imperfections in their smile – some people choose to minimize them, other people elect to live with those imperfections. Yet, not all those who live with those imperfections are happy doing so. Those chipped, stained, cracked, discolored, crooked or short teeth, even if it’s just one of them, can keep you from ever truly feeling confident in your smile. However, the field of cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions for treating that imperfection and helping you feel fully confident in your smile. Take a look at some of the many solutions a cosmetic dentist can offer you to help you take your smile to the next level.

Tooth Bonding

Though the entire field of dentistry is firmly rooted in science and reason, the branch of cosmetic dentistry can veer into the realm of the artistic – just a little. With tooth bonding, a good cosmetic dentist can sculpt the chipped or broken area of a tooth with bonding material to make the tooth look whole again.

Teeth Whitening

No longer feel self-conscious about the hue of your smile. When you have your teeth whitened at a cosmetic dentist’s office, you’ll have access to whitening treatment that much stronger than those found in retail kits. On top of that, your dentist can treat issues, such as cavities, that need to be addressed before embarking on a whitening plan.

Dental Implants

The best solution for replacing natural teeth, dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. Just as the roots of natural teeth embed themselves into the jawbone, the base of dental implants is implanted in the jawbone where it’ll eventually fuse with the bone.

Complete Smile Makeover

What if you need all of the above in some form of another? Your dentist can collaborate with you to perform a complete smile makeover. Your smile makeover will be unique to you and will entail a series of treatments designed to build the smile of your dreams.

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