Digital Imaging

Utilizing Innovative X-ray Technology at McKinney Dentist

Choosing a dentist with the best skills who uses innovative technology are what you should be looking for in your dentist. Our dentists at McKinney Dentist love staying abreast with dental technology and current dental techniques. This is evident in our various technologies we use to give you and your family amazing smiles!

Our x-ray technology is extremely crucial to planning your dental solutions.
Digital x-rays

The first technology we utilize are digital x-rays. These expose you to much lower x-ray radiation, and are environmentally-friendly at the same time (no paper waste, no lead film inserts, and no chemicals). The high-definition digital x-rays enable us to see in the depths of your teeth and bones with extremely high clarity.

  • These minute details are invisible to the naked eye, and from this, we can catch small dental problems before they progress (initial decay, etc).
  • Best of all, you can view your digital x-rays with us since they are on the computer screen!

Panoramic x-rays

We also use digital panoramic x-rays, as well as state-of-the-art Cone Beam Computer Tomography 3D Scan (CBCT) when it is imperative to evaluate a combination of dental elements. With these scanning x-rays, we can fully examine the detailed, 3 dimensional views of your entire mouth and surrounding structures.

Most importantly, a broad view of your jaw, sinus, nasal area, and temporomandibular (jaw) joint are exposed in this thorough digital x-ray. Viewing these elements assists us in detecting impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, tumors and cysts, or missing teeth, as well as being a crucial tool in dental implant case planning and design.

To experience our advanced technology for yourself, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with McKinney Dentist today!