Gum Disease
A vast majority of the population is suffering from Gum Disease, and even more so many of the people who have gum disease are unaware. This is because the signs and symptoms of gum disease can be uneasy to detect in the early stages of the disease. Detecting gum disease at this preliminary stage is important because if gum disease is detected and treated at this stage the effects of it will still be reversible. However, because it’s not easy for the untrained eye to spot gum disease it’s important to have regularly scheduled examination appointments with your periodontist so they can provide you with gum disease treatment if it is needed.

Major Gum Disease Warning Signs 
The preliminary stage of gum disease is also referred to as gingivitis and during this stage what occurs is bacteria begins to irritate your gums which leads to inflammation and then bleeding. During this stage gum disease and its effects is still treatable. However, in order to stop it from progressing to the periodontitis or the advanced stage of gum disease proper treatment is vitally important. The symptoms of gum disease in its early stages are subtle but if you know what to look for can still be quite noticeable. Here are some warning signs you may have gum disease:

  • Persistent bad taste in your mouth or foul breath
  • Changes in the way teeth fit together
  • Painful, loose or shifting teeth
  • Gums that bleed easily during brushing
  • Red, swollen, tender and receding gums
  • Formation of deep pus-filled pockets along gums

Laser Gum Surgery
Also, because any of these symptoms could be a sign that you are suffering from gum disease it’s important to schedule an appointment with your periodontist immediately. They have the advanced technology necessary to treat your gum disease technology like dental lasers which can be used for laser gum surgery.  Laser Gum Surgery is minimally invasive and it is performed on patients to assist them with the removal of their unhealthy gum tissue.

Treat Your Gum Disease
If you need gum disease treatment reach out to our office today and schedule an appointment with our periodontist. Time is of the essence don’t hesitate when it comes to your oral health.