It can be hard to picture what your smile will look like before you undergo a cosmetic dental procedure. It can be even harder to imagine what your smile will look like before having a complete smile makeover. Having an accurate reference point for how your smile will look after treatment can be powerful motivation for getting the smile makeover underway. And dental wax-ups do just that – they let you see what life looks like on the other side of your smile makeover. Learn more about cosmetic wax-ups and how they can help drive you to act urgently on the procedures your dentist recommends.

What’s a Wax-up?

Essentially, it truly is a glimpse of the future. Dental wax-ups are impressions of the mouth made in wax. They offer a detailed snapshot of the current state of the teeth and gums, and they are also used to show what the final result with look like after treatment is complete.

Wax-ups aren’t just helpful to patients who want to know what their results will look like before committing to a treatment. They’re also helpful for dentists in aiding them in creating a course of action for correcting issues they’ve identified with your oral health. They’re used in conjunction with examinations and 3D imaging to equip your dentist will all the insights needed to determine the most effective treatment plan for you,

What Are the Benefits of a Wax-up?

Dental wax-ups are beneficial to both the dentist and the patient. Take a look at some of the top benefits of having a wax-up created:

  • You’ll have a better understanding of what goes into your procedure
  • They give you confidence in your dentist’s plan of action for treating your mouth
  • They help dentists create custom guides for procedures
  • They can be adjusted to ensure that you’re completely happy with the plan

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