Choosing a cosmetic dentistry procedure is not always the easiest thing because after all, there are quite a few options for similar issues. For instance, if you have a chipped tooth you could choose to get tooth bonding to fill in the space, or a veneer, or you may even want to have the whole thing removed and have a false tooth replace it.

It really all depends on the particular situation and on what your dentist has to say. Whether you go to a family dentist or someone with a cosmetic specialty, learning more about the different cosmetic dentistry options that are available is important for what will make the right decision for you.

Tooth Bonding

One of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure options is tooth bonding. Bonding is a composite resin filling that is placed in the back and front of the tooth and fills in the chipped area. The resin material is shaped to match your tooth itself and color. Bonding is very effective in most cases, and is a great option for minor damages.

Dental Implants

Another very popular procedure on the rise is dental implants. With dental implants, you are replacing damaged or lost teeth with false teeth. In most cases, the person will have an entire set of dental implants, but there are people who only lose a single tooth and who want to make sure that the new tooth will stay in place, permanently. Dental implants cost more than typical dentures do, but are a permanent, strong option.

Teeth Whitening

If you do not need a very serious procedure, but are looking to refresh your mouth and get a brighter, whiter smile, then teeth whitening may be perfect for you. This is a very simple procedure that is going to leave you looking gorgeous. Teeth whitening comes with multiple options, from home remedies to laser procedures, each with great results.

Consult with your doctor on the perfect procedure for you. When you schedule an appointment to discuss your issue, they will be able to go through all of your options, and help you select the best option.