To Whom it May Concern:

As I write this letter I have now had my “new smile” for almost three weeks.  It seems like it has been 30 years ago considering how my life has changed.

I am like many of you-a middle aged person. For many years since grade school my teeth and smile have always bothered me.  Always. I did not smile for class pictures or want to even take pictures with dates, family events or even at my own wedding.  This is not to mention some of the names I was called growing up.  We all know how cruel people can be sometimes.  Up until three weeks ago this hurt.  Every single day.

Let’s just say I was not the “photogenic” type.  I knew it and was embarrassed by it.  So did everyone else.

Many people looked at me in a different way and in some cases treated me different as if I “weren’t good enough or worthy enough”. I was even told once that while I was a great person, I had “horrific teeth”.  Things like this stick with you, no matter what your age or position in life is.

As I got into the business world, I continued to stay away from taking pictures.  In fact, I even lost out on a large, well paying job in part because I “did not have the look”.  To this day I believe it was solely because of my smile-nothing else.  After all, your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.

When I had children, I forced them to get proper dentistry so they never would have to feel the pain that I did.  They both have fabulous smiles and the confidence that comes with this, not to mention they were never subjected to being looked down upon or teased.

Recently I decided to finally look into getting proper dentistry of my own.  I interviewed several doctors as I was very, very cautious ………and nervous!

Dr. Berlin, Stephanie, and the staff at McKinney Dentist made me feel like family.  Now, that is exactly what I consider these people. Family.  They were so caring, thorough and delivered on everything that they promised and more. When I was told what my teeth would look like I was told it would be 99% of what the mock ups showed I did not believe it.  I was right as they were wrong on that!  It was 110% of what they showed me and what they said.

What a change three weeks make!  It is like a new lease on life!

Now I find myself constantly getting compliments on my teeth and my smile.  Now, I even like to take pictures.  And, people tell me I am such a happier person. When my daughter first saw me, she cried tears of joy. She always knew how much this bothered me.  Now she says her Dad is a “a ham” and always smiling! Frankly, it is fun to smile now.
I wish I would have made this decision decades ago.  It would have saved me so much heartache and lead to a better life free of the embarrassment and pain.

So, if you are considering this, do it and don’t wait.  The only regret I have is not doing this years ago.  Besides having my kids, this is the best investment I have ever made.

God Bless you Dr. Berlin and Stephanie.  I will be indebted to you both and McKinney Dentistry for the rest of my life.

Kindest Regards,

Dean C.
McKinney, Texas