Everyone is at least slightly different, and so are our smiles. As such, what constitutes as a “perfect smile” will vary by the individual. And the things needed to achieve that perfect smile will vary based on each person’s needs. These are some of the many options your dentist may offer as part of a smile makeover package to help you achieve your perfect smile.


In concert with other procedures or standing along, porcelain veneers can make a massive difference in the way your smile appears. These thin bits of porcelain are bonded to the visible surfaces of teeth that are either discolored, crooked or chipped. Veneers are applied to teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel and then bonding them to each tooth that needs an upgrade.


Braces are a top solution for straightening teeth, yet many people refuse to wear them for fear of being judged for doing so. Invisalign® invisible aligners take visibility out of the equation, so people can straighten their teeth without others knowing about. Invisible aligners are completely clear, so it’s hard for people to notice that you’re wearing them.

Teeth Whitening

Using a bleaching agent or laser light, your dentist can significantly brighten your smile with just a few appointments and applications. Teeth whitening is best performed on a mouth that’s in good health.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the top option for replacing failing or missing teeth. Just as natural teeth take root in the jawbone, dental implants are embedded in the same area. Over the course of several months, the titanium roots of dental implants fuse with the bone.

Dental implants can securely anchor a number of restoration solutions including dental crowns, bridges and dentures. One implant can anchor a single tooth, or four to eight of them could secure an entire row of replacement teeth. Altogether, it’d take between eight and 16 dental implants to support a full mouth of replacement teeth.

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