Straightening your teeth is one of the top ways you can boost your confidence, but did you know it can also improve your health? Crooked teeth can hold bacteria and plaque longer than straight teeth, which can cause infection, gum disease, and potential for decay.

When you go through the braces procedure, your new properly aligned teeth help prevent plaque from harboring in the crooks. Being able to brush and floss all surfaces allows for overall good oral health, along with maintaining healthy gums.

Today, there are many ways to straighten your teeth. From discreet to traditional, the options are there. And depending on which style you choose, the price point can vary.

Traditional bracesinclude metal brackets and wires. Most young adults go through this style of braces, because they are cheaper than alternatives, and are used by most orthodontists. The way traditional braces work, is by cementing metal brackets onto each tooth. From there, a thin flexible wire is placed, and held down by rubber bands, secured to each bracket. As you go through the months and sometimes years, your dentist will change out your wires and tighten your brackets, which allows for the braces to move your teeth.

If you are not into the traditional metal look, then Invisalign is an option, provided by many orthodontists. Invisalign is usually chosen by adults, as they rather have a discreet look to straightening their teeth. Invisible aligners are less bulky and allow for flexibility. With your clear aligners, you wear them for majority of the day, and sleep with them – but can remove them while you eat and brush your teeth. This allows for a sleeker look, as you do not have to worry about food being trapped inside the aligners.

There are many ways to get your teeth to be perfectly straight, and it turns out it is more than just for cosmetics. If you would benefit from straighter teeth, or just would like to know more information about the options, consult with your orthodontist. Your doctor will be able to go through everything you will need to know.