If you’re experiencing continuous tooth pain, it may be a sign that you have a tooth infection. Believe it or not, but tooth infections are very common. Even though they are common, a tooth infection should be taken care of quickly in order to avoid further damage. If the infection is left untreated, the tooth’s pulp (aka nerve tissue) could be damaged and the bacteria will begin to multiply which may result in an abscess forming. An abscess is a pocket that is filled with pus that forms at the end of the roots of the tooth. This can cause swelling in the mouth, which could spread to your face, neck or head. Bone loss or holes in your mouth are also a common result of untreated infections. It is imperative that you visit a doctor if you experience any of these issues.

What exactly is a root canal?

The most common procedure to treat these infections is called root canals. The dental experts at McKinney Dentist have extensive experience performing root canals and will help address all your concerns regarding this procedure. The procedure consists of the dentist creating a small incision in the crown of the tooth in order to be able to access the affected area. The infection is then removed from the tooth and filled with a biocompatible material and then a crown is inserted.

What to expect

It is a common misconception that root canals are painful procedures. Many patients face anxieties about the procedure because they feel they may experience pain and discomfort. This is an inaccurate assumption as root canals relieve you of your tooth pain and prevent the current infection from spreading. In addition, McKinney Dentist also provides you with the option to be sedated. We have a board-certified anesthesiologists that have extensive training in administering the medication to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with the entire process.

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