Fight cavities before they fight you, with dental sealants! Preventative dentistry is the front line in the battle against tooth decay. There are many different preventative measures which can be used to fight tooth decay. But, if you’re looking to stop cavities BEFORE they happen, then consider getting dental sealants at McKinney Dentist.

Dental sealants are a cutting edge preventative measure against plaque, bacteria, and cavities. Dental sealants are made from a thin plastic coating, either clear or white in color, which flows into the natural grooves of your teeth. This plastic coating forms a protective shield against bacteria, acids, food particles, and plaque. Ultimately, this prevents cavities and tooth decay.

The quality cosmetic dentists at McKinney Dentist make the dental sealant procedure quick, easy, and painless.

The dental sealant procedure

  • Removing the tooth structure is not needed, therefore there is no anesthesia, shots, or drilling.
  • The tooth is first cleaned, then a trained dental hygienist applies a special gel on the chewing surface for a few seconds, before washing it off and drying your tooth.
  • Afterwards, the sealant is painted precisely on your tooth.
  • A bright curing light is then applied to help harden the sealant, which takes only seconds.

It’s clear that dental sealants are quick and easy, so why not fight cavities before they even appear? Dental sealants are long lasting, and most have a longevity of 5 to 10 years!

Dental sealants are often recommended for teenagers and children, because tooth decay usually begins at an early age. It is also recommended that dental sealants be applied to the back molars, because they are some of the hardest to reach parts of your mouth.

If you’re ready to fight tooth decay before it starts, let the dentists at McKinney Dentist help you! These dentists serve all of North Texas, and are ready to provide you with high quality dental care. These doctors have extensive experience in the dental field, and provide their patients with an array of services. The services offered at McKinney dentist include preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, general and restorative dentistry, comprehensive dentistry, in addition to surgery and sedation dentistry.

If you are ready to fight tooth decay before it starts, get dental sealants! McKinney Dentist is here to help you! If you’re interested in a brighter, healthier smile, call McKinney Dentist for a complementary consultation at 972-54-SMILE (76453)