The newspapers today are full of stories about people not having medical health insurance, but we never hear about those without dental insurance. Let’s examine this, the differences between the two, and what McKinney Dentist does to help make dentistry affordable to those in McKinney without insurance.

Medical Insurance

  • Medical insurance is designed to cover catastrophic events. Major injuries and treating diseases can run from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Medical insurance is there to cover the majority of those types of expenses. They also will pick up some routine expenses, drugs, and tests. Most medical insurances have a maximum lifetime limit that is often $1 million.

Dental Insurance

  • Dental insurance was designed to help with the preventive procedures, like getting your teeth cleaned, the occasional cavity fillings, and maybe a crown or a root canal.
  • It won’t cover the larger expenses following years of neglect, fixing a smile with porcelain veneers, rehabilitating a severely broken down set of teeth, or for replacing missing teeth with dental implants.
  • Dental insurance has a small annual limit that they provide, usually between $1,000-$1,500. The employer who provides the benefit usually sets up this amount.

No Dental Insurance: No Problem

  • People with no dental insurance in McKinney often stay away from the dental office. Many do this because they mistakenly believe that if things are not hurting, they are probably okay.
  • The truth is that routine cleanings and checkups can identify existing problems well before they cause pain, and when they are much less expensive to correct. The cost for twice-a-year cleanings and checkups is minimal when figured on a monthly basis, and the return on this investment in your dental health is HUGE!
  • So what if you don’t have dental insurance, and haven’t been to the dentist in years? What if you know you have cavities in your teeth, or broken or infected teeth or gums, but fear you can’t afford to fix them all?

At, we help patients like you every day.

The first step is to call us. Then come in, and together, we figure out a plan to help you get healthy, and in the time frame that works for you. We offer many different dental financing options to help fit your dental care into your budget. We also work very hard to make sure our fees are middle of the pack, while our service, facility, staff, and care provided are the very best. All of these lead to a great value, and healthy, happy smiles for our patients.