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What Makes Downtown McKinney Unique

When you enter Downtown McKinney, you’re walking into a living, breathing piece of history. Dr. Berlin has been part of this community since 1993 and couldn’t be happier. For him, the Downtown area, with its iconic square, is a testament to how the city has grown while maintaining its charming core.

Around the square, you’ll find various hotspots like the Performing Arts Center, Charlotte’s boutique, Rick’s Chophouse, and Doug & Lynda’s. These names might already be familiar to you as they are a massive part of what makes the neighborhood warm and inviting.

The practice is just a few blocks from this bustling heart of the city. So, the next time you think about dental care, remember you’ve got expert care near your favorite Downtown spots.
Being near Downtown McKinney is more than just a perk for the team at McKinney Dentist.

It’s a benefit for you too!

Before or after your dental appointment, grab lunch or stroll around the square. Great for quick lunches and casual meetings.

Why Location Matters in Your Dental Care
Location can make all the difference when it comes to healthcare. Being familiar with the surrounding area makes visits to McKinney Dentist feel less like a chore and more like visiting a neighbor.

A Community-Focused Practice
McKinney Dentist isn’t just a dental practice; it’s an active community member. The proximity to Downtown allows us to stay engaged with local events and activities. It’s not just about teeth; it’s about contributing to a community we love.

Becoming Part of the Family
When you walk through the doors of McKinney Dentist, you’re not just another patient; you’re considered part of the extended family. Dr. Berlin and the team are committed to offering you personalized, compassionate care.

Just like Downtown McKinney has that close-knit, communal vibe, we at McKinney Dentist aim to provide that same sense of belonging. Whether you’re new to McKinney, TX, or have been here for years, knowing you have a dental practice so close to the city’s heart is a comforting thought.

So the next time you’re enjoying Downtown McKinney, remember that McKinney Dentist is just a few blocks away, ready to welcome you into our family.

Do you have questions or need to schedule an appointment? Feel free to contact us at McKinneydentist.com at any time. You’re always welcome here!

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