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Caring For Your Teeth Is Easier Than You Think

There’s an old saying that says you can’t put a price a smile. From hair and skin to clothes and shoes, one’s appearance is a constant trigger of snap judgments. One of the first impressions are made from a person’s smile. Studies prove that even the alignment of teeth is a parameter for assumptions regarding

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Do You Love The Tooth Fairy

Healthy teeth and gums is imperative to your overall health, according to the Mayo Clinic Staff. The mouth is one of many areas of the body where bacteria is naturally present. These bacteria can be kept in control by practicing good oral health care such as brushing and flossing. However, poor oral hygiene can lead

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Choosing the Right Mouthwash

The best way to round out a tooth brushing and flossing session is by swishing out your mouth with some mouthwash. Not only does it kill all the residual bacterial and wash out the smallest food and beverage particles, it also leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and pleasantly tingly. However, it’s pretty difficult to choose

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What About Those Dental X-Rays

What Problems Can Dental X-Rays Detect? In adults, dental X-rays can be used to show areas of decay that may not be visible with an oral exam, especially small areas of decay between teeth. Bone loss that accompanies gum disease can also be detected, as well as, abscess and other developmental abnormalities. In children, dental

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The Low Down On Bad Breath

Don’t Let Bad Breath Get You Down Bad breath, also called halitosis, is one of the many problems that people have in oral care. There are numerous causes for bad breath, including bad dental habits, but they can also be indicative of other health problems, and exacerbated by diet and lifestyle. What Causes Bad Breath?

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Tooth-Friendly Diet

Your Diet Is Important To Your Oral Health When it comes to your health, you probably know that your diet contributes a lot. However, did you know that what you eat also affects your teeth, both directly and indirectly? For example, the amount of sugar that you eat affects the surface of your teeth because

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Do you have broken or chipped teeth?

Your teeth are very strong, but that doesn’t stop them from chipping, cracking or breaking. This can occur if you bite down on something hard, have a traumatic event, or you have cavities that weaken the tooth. Clenching your teeth can also cause cracking and wear on the teeth. When a tooth breaks, it may

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Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Ruin Your Life

If you watch the news much, you want be watching for long until your probably will see something about sleep apnea.  More and more people are becoming of aware of this serious condition that not only damages your organs but leads to a whole host of other physical problems.  I addition to physical problems, sleep

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McKinney Dentists Changed My Life!

To Whom it May Concern: As I write this letter I have now had my “new smile” for almost three weeks.  It seems like it has been 30 years ago considering how my life has changed. I am like many of you-a middle aged person. For many years since grade school my teeth and smile have always bothered me. 

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