From coconut oil pulling to overbrushing, people try lots of little things to whiten their teeth and hope for big results. Much of those efforts come from a desire to treat teeth more naturally and from misconceptions about how much professional services will cost them. Turns out, cosmetic dental procedures are often much more affordable than people initially think. Take a look at some of the common, low-cost procedures a cosmetic dentist can deliver to give you a million-watt smile.


Veneers are great at covering up chipped, discolored and even crooked teeth. These thin sheets of tooth-colored porcelain are used to cover up imperfection on visible surfaces of individual teeth. You can get veneers for every tooth, just a few for a few teeth or just one for a single tooth.

After preparing the visible side of a tooth, the dentist will permanently bond the veneer to the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Not ready to commit to veneers, but want a perfectly white smile? Talk to a cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening options. Working with a dentist’s office, you’ll be sure to get premium results. And because your dentist’s office will use more potent whitening solutions than available over the counter, it’ll take fewer applications to get that perfect white smile.

Crown Upgrade

Over time, metal crowns start to display dark lines can attract the wrong kind of attention to your smile and make you feel self-conscious. Porcelain crowns don’t develop this problem. So a cosmetic dentist can replace your metal crown with a porcelain alternative, giving you’re a more natural-looking smile.

Gum Lift

An overgrowth of gum tissue can result in a gummy smile, a smile that shows more gums than you’d like. Your cosmetic dentist may use a combination of a variety of techniques to help you show more tooth and less gum. One of the more common ways to accomplish this is through crown lengthening, in which the gums are push back a little to make the teeth appear a tad longer. It’s a small change that can make a big difference in your smile.

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