For many people, a tooth isn’t really “fixed” if you can tell that it was fixed – which is to say, it’s common for people to want their dental restorations to look natural. The expectation is that strangers shouldn’t be able to spot a porcelain veneer you had done to save a broken, crooked, chipped, decayed or discolored tooth. By going to a cosmetic dentist, you’ll get something extra a general dentist likely won’t offer: a focus on aesthetics. Take a look at custom teeth shading and find out how a cosmetic dentist uses it to ensure that restorations like veneers look like natural teeth.

Custom Teeth Shading

Cosmetic dentistry requires a level of artistry to get results that look natural and don’t call attention to themselves. As with any other art form, not all artists are created equally. When it comes to teeth shading, the differences between the skill levels of different cosmetic dentists can be observed. The true artists tend to do custom teeth shading in-house.

Here’s an overview of the custom teeth shading process:

  • The veneer is color-matched from a palette to other teeth
  • The veneer is painted and shaded to blend with the other teeth
  • The veneer is cured in a ceramic oven
  • The veneer is temporarily applied to the tooth for the patient’s review
  • The veneer’s color is adjusted for a better match until the patient is happy
  • The veneer is permanently placed on the tooth

The intimacy of the custom teeth shading process affords patients a much more realistic result when compared to dental offices the work with third-party labs. Instead of waiting days or weeks for the shaded veneer to return, a cosmetic dentist or ceramic arts can make major and minor adjustments while you wait. And because you know an office with an in-house lab can make even minor adjustments right-way, you’re less likely to feel pressured to settle for “acceptable” instead of holding out for “perfect.”

More on Veneers and Custom Teeth Shading in McKinney, TX

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